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Summer Tour 2003
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Hooters Bonn 2003.06.22
Bonn 2003
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Promoter: Shooter Promotions and Classics GMBH - Willi Engelhorn, Kalla Lind; Booking: George Hoffmann; Tour Manager: Joe McFadden; Asst. Tour Mgr.: Debbi Collard; Tour Mgr. (Shooters): Tommy Kastl; Production Mgr.: Pit Arnold; FOH Mixer: Dave McGuiness; Monitor Mixer: Ed Frebowitz; Lights: Jogi Cappell; Backline: Billy Goodman, Paul Hammond; Merchandise: Danny Malone

2003 Summer Tour Schedule

Date Country City Venue
2003-05-24 USA Philadelphia Penn's Landing Festival
2003-06-20 Germany Munsingen Open Air Festival
2003-06-21 Germany Künzelsau Würth Open Air
2003-06-22 Germany Bonn Museumsplatz Open Air
2003-06-24 Germany Flensburg Campus-Halle
2003-06-25 Germany Berlin Columbia-Halle
2003-06-27 Germany Bamberg Forum
2003-06-28 Germany Fulda Schloßhof Open Air
2003-06-29 Germany Leipzig Parkbühne Open Air
2003-07-01 Germany Nürnberg Serenadenhof Open Air
2003-07-02 Germany München Tollwood
2003-07-03 Germany Tuttlingen Honberg Summer
2003-07-05 Germany Stuttgart Wasn Zelt
2003-07-06 Germany Ulm Ulmer Zelt
2003-07-07 Germany Aschaffenburg Colos Saal
2003-07-09 Germany Braunschweig Meyers
2003-07-10 Germany Erfurt Das Gewerkschaftshaus
2003-07-11 Germany Hamm Hammer Summer

Some thoughts on the Summer 2003 Tour from Eric Bazilian

Our four weeks in Germany were both the longest and the shortest of my life. It is no exaggeration to say that I've never had more fun on a consistent basis than I did with my "Hooters Army" this year. As great as it was to be back in Germany enjoying its many pleasures (the beer, the fans, the food, the landscape, the beer, the fans, the beer), I have never had a more reliable source of joy (outside of family, of course...) than our two hours on stage each night.

One notable aspect of this...the interaction between band members seems to have changed in a significant way. I know, from my own point of view, that I have become far more relaxed about everything, and now feel absolute confidence in everyone on the stage. I have found a new dimension of joy from hearing and responding to the "accidents" that happen each night. My appreciation for all my fellow Hooters has found a whole new level. I love and cherish everything about them. We are, indeed, a family.


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