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2005 Summer Tour Schedule

Date Country City Venue
2005-06-16 Germany Finnentrop Festhalle
2005-06-17 Germany Osnabrück Schlossgarten Open Air
2005-06-18 Germany Berlin Wuhlheide Open Air (+ Karat)
2005-06-19 Germany Trier Kaisertherme
2005-06-21 Germany Nürnberg Hirsch
2005-06-22 Germany Augsburg Spectrum
2005-06-24 Germany Rastatt Open Air (+ Meat Loaf)
2005-06-25 Germany Weilburg Hessentag
2005-06-28 Germany Mainz KUZ
2005-06-30 Germany Prattlen Z7
2005-07-01 Germany Konstanz Zeltfestival
2005-07-03 Germany Heilbronn Gaffenberg Festival

Promoter: Shooter Promotions and Classics GMBH - Willi Engelhorn, Kalla Lind; Booking: George Hoffmann; Tour Manager: Debbi Collard; Tour Manager (Shooters): Tommy Kastl; Production Manager: Pit Arnold; FOH Mixer: Dave McGuiness; Monitor Mixer: "Turk" Schell; Lights: Jogi Cappell; Backline: Dirk Breenkotter, Billy Goodman, Richard Buckland; Merchandise: Wolfgang Hoffmann


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